The Spanish Privateer

The Spanish Privateer

This 17th century pirate otome sets you in the shoes of Carlota, an 18-year-old altar runaway who joins Captain Rico's Spanish privateering ship, La Aguja, as a crewmember. Sail alongside Captain Rico, the quartermaster Flint, and ship bard, Lark, as Carlota navigates life on the sea. Discover the world of The Azores, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Veracruz, as the crew's adventures take them from coast to coast, engaging in battles, coming face-to-face with the effects of colonialisation, and discovering what it means to be a pirate.

The Protagonist

Lady Isabel Carlota de Castilla

Isabel Carlota de Castilla ran from her life of luxury and high-society to escape a forced marriage. Will life on the sea be the freedom and refuge she desires, or will she learn the truth the hard way?

The Love Interests


Half Scottish, half Spanish, and entirely charming. Lark is a hired bard whose job is to entertain the men—and he takes liberty to entertain the women, as well. His specialty is playing the lute.


Flint is the ship’s quartermaster and protector. Fiercely loyal to the captain, Flint is equally distrustful of women. His specialty is gunnery.


Hailing from Puerto Rico, Captain Rico is no stranger to the sea. His kind and forgiving persona hides the past which granted him his scar. His specialty is swordfighting.

The Side Characters









About: The Spanish Privateer is visual novel of 228K words or approximately twelve to twenty hours, with over 50 menu choices, and seven CGs per route, plus additional chibi-style CGs. There are three love interest with their own branching route, and each route has one good ending, two bad endings, and two alternate endings. The Spanish Privateer has text-to-voice, font choices with resizing and line spacing options, and three different colour contrast settings.

Background: The Spanish Privateer was originally an incomplete demo submitted for the 2018 Otome Game Jam, thanks to the joint effort of volunteers. Two years later, the script for the full game was finished, but the volunteers were no longer available. In order to raise funds to purchase the remaining assets, a Kickstarter was launched in September, 2020. This ultimately failed, but the Kickstarter brought a lot of attention to an otherwise unheard of game, and thanks to reviews, social media mentions, and a change in the worldwide pandemic, the next Kickstarter launched in April of 2021 succeeded. Following over a year of production, The Spanish Privateer was launched September 16th, 2022.

Content Warnings (Spoilers Below)

This game is rated 16+.

This Game Contains:

  • Blood, violence, death, killing (non-graphic and graphic text descriptions, mild visuals of blood)

  • Swearing

  • Suggestive content (sexually suggestive text content, PG-13 visuals, fade-to-black suggestive scenes)

  • Racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, enslavement, systemic oppression (descriptions of anti-Semitic violence and prejudice; xenophobic characters; descriptions of conditions of enslavement; mentions of class divides and oppression faced by Indigenous and Black communities at the hands of colonialism, racism, and enslavement.)

  • Miscarriage (Text descriptions of character who miscarries)

  • Pregnancy (Visuals and descriptions of pregnant character, descriptions of pregnancy and child-rearing)

  • Alcohol (consumption, intoxication, intoxicated behaviour)