The Spanish Privateer

A historical fiction 17th century visual novel where Carlota, an altar runaway, talks her way onto the Spanish galleon La Aguja to escape an arranged marriage. She learns to sail and sword fight alongside a mysterious captain, surly first mate, and mischievous bard.



SinSisters Studios

Based in Canada

Release Date:

September 16th, 2022


Windows, Linux, Mac





This romantic adventure is steeped in pirate aesthetics, from sword fights and ship raids to balls and drunken nights at the tavern. At the same time, as the crew travels across the Atlantic Ocean, travelling from the newly discovered archipelago of the Azores, to the colonized cities of Havana, Veracruz, and San Juan, privilege and persecution are reoccurring themes.

The Spanish Privateer balances the serious examination of the early 17th century with plenty of levity and tender moments.


· 3 love interests: Lark, the bard, Flint, the first mate, and Rico, the captain

· Diplomatic, witty, and bold dialogue options that shape how Carlota behaves and is perceived

· Story choices that affect the outcome of the story

· Seventeen endings, including one good ending, two bad endings, and two alternate endings for each love interest

· 228K words, or 12-20 hours of content

· Relationship metres to track friendship and romance with each love interest